Gender Offices of UP

Here are the Gender Offices of the University of the Philippines:

The University Center for Women’s Studies , UP is a system-wide unit that coordinates the women’s/gender studies programs and some service facilities of the nine campuses of the University System. It has five major programs, namely research, publication, curriculum development, training and outreach, and the services–crisis counseling and day care facility.  The UCWS is located at the UP Diliman campus.

Offices in the UP Constituent Units:

UP Baguio

UP Diliman

UP Los Baños

UP Manila Center for Gender and Women’s Studies has a very comprehensive website detailing its mandate, objectives, services, and activities.  They are located on the 8/F Philippine General Hospital, Taft Ave. Manila.

UP Mindanao

UP Open University Committee on Gender Concerns takes charge of promoting and coordinating gender activities for the UPOU Community.

UP Visayas Gender and Development Program (GDP) shares a vision of an improved status of women, both urban and rural, in and outside the formal school system, as well as a reformed social order that rids itself of the inequalities, injustices and exploitative conditions which have disadvantaged and marginalized people, particularly women, within Ilonggo, Cebuano and Waray societies and sub-cultures.

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