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CFP: WSAP 2010 Gender, Environment, and Development

Gender, Environment and Development

8th National Conference of the Women’s Studies Association of the Philippines

08 – 10 April 2010  UP Visayas Iloilo, Iloilo City


The deadline for submission of abstracts is JANUARY 30, 2010.

Climate change is one of the greater environmental challenges we now face. Its impact is not only environmental: its consequences directly impinge on our economic and social life. In daily life, this may be felt in the increasing costs of energy, transportation, healthcare and food.. Women, especially single mothers, who are also often lower income earners, are more likely to be predisposed to these interconnected difficulties than men because of, for example, persistent gender stereotyping.

Recent natural tragedies across the globe, such as the tsunami in South and Southeast Asia, have made explicit that women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and environmental degradation because of established differential social roles and status.

Because these interconnected issues of environmental degradation, (mal)development, poverty and gender inequality affect women, not only during times of disasters, but everyday, it is imperative that women in the academe, NGOs, POs and government address these issues squarely.

The Women’s Studies Association of the Philippines devotes its 8th national conference to the theme Gender, Environment and Development and invites presentations on the following topics:

  • The consequences of climate change on women
  • Climate-induced disasters
  • Human-made disasters
  • Environmental decision-making in government, industry and the scientific community
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Women and girls in/and the sciences
  • Experiences of hope: sustainable communities, educational practices, NGO initiatives
  • Policy initiatives and women’s participation in environmental activities, e.g.,

management of  resources, agro-forestry, coastal resource, watershed, etc.

  • The impact of mining on women and men
  • Gender, migration and climate change
  • Best practices in climate change mitigation

Please submit abstracts of around 400 words to Dr. Zenaida Q. Reyes, by email at reyes.zenaida@ yahoo.com or fax at (+63.2) 4001185 or to Prof. Ana Ebo/Ms. Becky Yusingco, by email at feministana@ yahoo.com or fax at (+63.2) 5368647.

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