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CFP: Narrative Research, Sexuality, and Social Policy

From the UCWS Coordinators email list:

CALL FOR PAPERS Sexuality Research and Social Policy Special Issue: Narrative Research, Sexuality, and Social Policy David M. Frost, Ph.D. (Guest Editor) and Brian de Vries, Ph.D. (Editor)

We are soliciting contributions for a special issue of Sexuality Research and Social Policy (SRSP) devoted to the use of narrative methods (broadly defined) in research on sexuality with a direct and explicit relevance to policy-making efforts. SRSP is a peer-reviewed, academic journal.  Beginning in 2010, SRSP will be published by Springer Science+Business Media, in both print and electronic format.

Narrative research methods have the potential to illuminate the complex interplay between social policy and individuals’ lived experiences. However, when drawing on relevant social science literature, social policy-making efforts most often privilege data produced solely from quantitative research. In light of this concern, the aims of this special issue are to:

(1) Demonstrate the relevance and utility of narrative research for and within policy-making efforts; and

(2) Showcase empirical contributions from narrative research with implications in critical policy areas, such as

• Sex education & sexual literacy

• HIV and sexual health

• Reproductive health and rights

• Sexuality and aging

• Sexuality and religion

• Same-sex relationships

• Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health and rights

We are interested in a variety of contributions, including empirical reports, reviews that address the role of narrative in social research and social policy, case studies of specific instances when narrative research has been effectively employed in policy change, and manuscripts that highlight methodological innovations in narrative research on sexuality.

We encourage contributions from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives, including but not limited to psychology, sociology, anthropology, gerontology, education, and public health. Although contributions need not have policy as their primary focus, all submissions should contain explicit discussions of policy and/or policy implications (e.g., how policies affect aspects of individuals’ lives, implications of research findings for policy reform, etc.).

If you are interested in contributing to this special issue we ask you to send an abstract (300 words or less) of your potential contribution no later than January 15, 2010 to David Frost at frost@sfsu.edu. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by members of the editorial board, and we will then inform you whether you are invited to submit a manuscript. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for publication in the journal. If your abstract is accepted, you will receive a detailed letter with specific author and submission instructions. Deadline for the submission of manuscripts will be May 31, 2010, with a targeted publication date of early/mid 2011.

If you have additional questions about this special issue, please contact the Guest Editors at the above email address. David M. Frost Assistant Professor San Francisco State University Department of Sexuality Studies 835 Market Street, Suite 517 San Francisco, CA 94103 tel: 415.817.4505 email: frost@sfsu.edu

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