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NCRFW M&E Resource for antiVAW

Performance Standards and Assessment Tools for Services Addressing Violence against Women in the Philippines

A joint publication of NCRFW, UNFPA, DSWD, DOH, PNP, DOJ, and DILG.
Manila: National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. 2008

5 volumes

This tool is also designed to generate data for the monitoring and evaluation of the service provider’s level of compliance to the anti-VAW policies of the Philippine Government. Data generated can also be used as a tool in setting priorities in planning, particularly in the use of the GAD Budget.

Published March 2008.

The package consists of five sets of documents for each of the five service categories, represented by the government agency tasked primarily to render such type of service, as follows:

  • PNP for investigatory services or procedures
  • DOH for medical or hospital-based services
  • DSWD for psychosocial services
  • DOJ for legal/prosecution services
  • DILG and the LGUs for anti-VAW services at the barangay, municipal, city and provincial levels

Each set is introduced by an Overview, followed by the Performance Standards and an Assessment Tool to guide compliance with the standards as well generate data for monitoring and evaluation purposes. A Baseline Report is also included to put the standards in context.

Taken from Maya’s post in the UCWS Coordinators mailing list.

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