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Online Counseling for OFWs

This entry was taken from an email from Maya to the UCWS Coordinators’ e-Group circa July 2009.

Two weeks ago, Ateneo de Manila University* (primarily Ateneo CORD and the Psychology Department) launched a website (http://OFWOnline.ateneo.edu) offering some web services to OFWs for free. The main event is online counseling, which is hoped to benefit our dear kapamilyas and kababayans working hard abroad, at least those who have access to the internet. The counseling service is available practically around-the-clock (not quite a 24-hour service yet) for any OFW (or their immediate family member) who is wanting someone to talk to. The counselors (including myself) are all students/graduates of the Ateneo Counseling Psychology masteral program — profiles, and schedules are also available on site. OFWs can set appointments with their chosen counselors or talk with the counselor on shift when they log in.

OFW Online is initially set up as a research project to find out out the concerns and problems of OFWs and their families. Hopefully, with active use by OFWs, it should be established as a long-term service for Filipinos working abroad. For OFWs to check out the site, and avail of the services (in addition to online counseling, the site also hosts forums and a family chat service), they should just click on to http://OFWonline.ateneo.edu. They will be guided through the registration process. Thereafter, registered OFWs can log in to the site using their own usernames and passwords; and invite their family members in the Philippines to join them at the site and to also avail of the online counseling (the OFWs just need to inform their family members of the username they registered with at the site). The site is new, and in some cases, users might encounter some delays/problems, but all of these should be ironed out soon.

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