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Book Review: Doing Gender in Flexible Organizations

This is a book review of “Doing Gender in Flexible Organizations” from the Acta Sociologica.  Book Review currently available here as the September 2009 issue is free.

An excerpt:

Doing Gender in Flexible Organizationsis partly based on data from different research projects
within the fields of gender and organization. While work organizations are one of the
main arenas for the distribution of power in society, hierarchies ordered by gender are still the
rule in most of them. Women have better possibilities for career development in dynamic and
flexible organizations characterized by de-centralization and de-hierarchization than in organ-
izations with static hierarchies and traditional structures. In this book, Kvande thus focuses
on flexible organizations and on how gender is produced and reproduced. She points out that
organization theory is of little help because it ignores gender. Central themes are therefore her
discussion of the various issues and theoretical perspectives within the gender and organiza-
tion field and developing a categorization of the different understandings.

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