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Handbook for Achieving Gender Equality through Education

Here‘s a book I’d like to have for our library:

Edited by Susan S. Klein, Barbara Richardson, Dolores A. Grayson, Lynn H. Fox, Cheris Kramarae, Diane S. Pollard, Carol Anne Dwyer. Published 2007 by Routledge.

First published in 1985, the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education quickly established itself as the essential reference work concerning gender equity in education.

the catch?  It costs 199.95 USD!

For a preview, click here.

Here’s a bit of the Table of Contents:

Part Three: General Educational Practices for Promoting Gender Equity
Overview, Lynn H. Fox, Part Three Editor

8. Gender Equity in Testing and Assessment, Dianne Reed and Lynn H. Fox, Mary Lou Andrews, Nancy Betz, Jan Perry Evenstad, Anthony Harris, Carol Hightower-Parker, Judy Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Barbara Polnick, and Phyllis Rosser
9. Gender Equity in Coeducational and Single Sex Educational Environments, Emily Arms
10. Gender Equity in the Use of Educational Technology, Gypsy Abbott and Lisa Bievenue, Suzanne Damarin and Cheris Kramarae, et al.
11. Sexual Harassment: The Hidden Gender Equity Problem, Michele A. Paludi, Jennifer Martin and Carmen A. Paludi

Part Four: Gender Equity Strategies in the Content Areas
Overview, Cheris Kramarae, Part Four Editor

12. Gender Equity in Mathematics, Carole Lacampagne, Patricia B. Campbell, Suzanne Damarin, Abbe Herzig, and Christina Vogt
13. Gender Equity in Science, Engineering, and Technology, Carol Burger, Gypsy Abbot, Sheila Tobias, Janice Koch, Christine Vogt, Teri Sosa, et al.
14. Gender Equity in Communication Skills, Anita Taylor, Alison Bailey, Pamela Cooper, Carol Anne Dwyer, Cheris Kramarae, and Barbara Lieb
15. Gender Equity in Foreign and Second Language Learning, Cindy Brantmeier, Jeanne Schueller and Judith Wilde, and Celeste Kinginger
16. Gender Equity in Social Studies, Carole Habn, Jane Bernard-Powers, Margaret Smith Crocco, and Christine Woyshner
17. Gender Equity in Visual Arts and Dance Education, Elizabeth Garber, Renee Sandell, Mary Ann Stankiewicz, and Doug Risner, et al.
18. Gender Equity in Physical Education and Athletics, Ellen Staurowsky, Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Mary Jo Kane, Emily Wughalter, Athena Yiamouyiannis, and Phyllis K. Lerner
19. Gender Equity in Formal Sexuality Education, John DeLamater
20 Gender Equity in Career and Technical Education, Mary E. Lufkin, Mary Wiberg, Courtney Reed Jenkins, Stephanie Lee Berardi, Terri Boyer, Ellen Eardley, and Jan Huss
21. The Role of Women’s and Gender Studies in Advancing Gender Equity, Betsy Eudey et al.

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